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About Butterflies Haven

Butterflies Haven provides ongoing support for parents of children and teenagers who are living with Autism or any developmental delay, whether diagnosed or not. We have created a caring community that offers support and social opportunities for children and their families.

Can Butterflies Haven help to ease some of your challenges?


Does your child fall into any of the following categories?


  • Has a learning disability/language and comprehension difficult?

  • Behavioural or emotional challenges?

  • General developmental delay?

As a parent are you struggling, feeling alone and need a supportive network around you that understands?

​​If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, you have found the group for you.

Our Staff

The dedicated staff who oversee our day to day operations at Butterflies!


Alison Smith

Butterflies Haven Manager

Alison oversees the day to day running of EVERYTHING Butterflies.

From paperwork to running of the sessions to meetings.

She is the friendly face that will greet you at your first session, ensuring the children's best interests and needs are met whilst co-ordinating all the wonderful volunteers.


Kelsey Booy

Grants & Fundraising Officer

Kelsey helps boost our funding pot to help keep up with our expenses, new equipment and pursue new goals.

If there is an event to be held, her organisational skills will be working hard to make it as fun and inclusive as possible whilst being affordable.

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